Birthday Cake For Twins
Image by brokersaunders via Flickr

This blog was developed because my youngest was deployed again to serve in the middle east.  I wanted to keep a journal of what that experience was for me & others in our family.

Dec 13, yesterday was the twins birthday.  They were 24 years old.   That makes me… old.

I woke up early like 5 ish and baked a cake.  Not from scratch like I would have liked but for me this was pretty domestic.  A lot more domestic than I have been in a while.  Hubby thought it would be easier for me to just go to the store & get a cake but I am trying to save money.  I have a cake in a box already paid for.

They didn’t want much as far as gifts for their big day so I thought baking a cake was more of a token of my love than anything.  I enjoyed it.

Twin #1’s girl friend baked him a cake.  He has already eaten a piece of her cake but neither of them have touched the one I baked.  I guess girlfriend’s cake has more significance.  I’m good with that.  I like girlfriend.

Twin #2 doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.  It is just a matter of time. Maybe by his next birthday.  That would be nice.

They need girlfriends.  Both of them.  I’m ready for them to have girlfriends.  So any single nice girls out there let me know I’ll introduce you to my sons.  They are great guys.

It’s a bummer that Youngest won’t be here today to help us celebrate.   He is missed.  There is a big hole in the day, especially special days like this when one of our family is missing.  This is something that happens though to us all from time to time and it makes us enjoy the time we do get together just that much more and never take it for granted.

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