Anticipation is killing me

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Soon Is Not Soon Enough

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I’m impatient. Recently I found out that Youngest is coming home earlier than expected. I feel like I’ve lost 10 pounds. (I wish I really did lose ten pounds.) matthewarronturner
In my mind everything for the past year has revolved around “When Youngest gets back… I’ll be able to… ” “When he gets back I will…” It is like the world just stopped and only the absolutely necessary things got done or even mattered. I didn’t want to do anything extra until he was home. Almost as if I was paralyzed. Guess it is kinda like depression except more functional. ( At least a little bit more functional)

He already has tons of plans on what he is going to do.  Like go back to school, party some, travel a little, party some more.  He will make a great life for himself no doubt.

I will feel more complete when he finally reaches American soil.  Then I will know he is okay.  That will be soon, but as far as I am concerned not soon enough!

Never Forget

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A Dead Battery

Took a picture of Youngest car and posted it on his facebook wall.

Youngest's Car

Youngest's Car

He suggested we roll down the windows and open the truck in order to get the true outdoor effect.

I know he was kidding but then I started feeling guilty that we have not taken better care of his car.  So I enlisted some help to get it moved.  The oldest came over and he and Husband went out to attempt to move it.  I did my part.  I took the video.

Happy Birthday My Favorite Marine

Today is my Youngest birthday.  He is 23 years old.  Born 11:07 p.m. exactly on his projected due date.  Picture of Matt with his friends from 2006

I wish I could bake him a cake or something.  We sent a couple packages of stuff the could probably share with the others guys he is serving with.
I get to chat with him occasionally via Facebook.  Which is really cool.  I kind of feel bad because I have not sent him a real letter like through the mail but we get to chat on line a least once a week so I still feel connected even more so because it is real time, kinda like a telephone call.  I can easily keep him totally up to date what is going on here at home.

This picture is from his birthday three years ago.  He is the one with the dark blue t-shirt in the middle.

I may get a chance to chat with him today, and I may not.  I never know.  But just in case I want him to know I am thinking of him so I am writing this post.

Hello Mom!

The picture below is a recent picture of my son and some of his buddies. My son is the Marine second from the right.


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Tim McGraw Reminds Us In Song

It should be obvious, after reading these posts, that I am a huge Patriot and believer in the United States of America and the freedoms we enjoy here.

Couldn’t watch the following video without tears welling up in my eyes.  I have only been to one funeral of a hero that served our country.  I didn’t know the man personally but I went out of respect and to support his family.   He was a hometown boy.  I pray that I will never be in the position that his family is in.

My youngest will return from active duty this fall and God willing he won’t return to war. 

Please this weekend take some time to pray for those that did not return, those that are there now and those that will not return.