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Happy Birthday My Favorite Marine

Today is my Youngest birthday.  He is 23 years old.  Born 11:07 p.m. exactly on his projected due date.  Picture of Matt with his friends from 2006

I wish I could bake him a cake or something.  We sent a couple packages of stuff the could probably share with the others guys he is serving with.
I get to chat with him occasionally via Facebook.  Which is really cool.  I kind of feel bad because I have not sent him a real letter like through the mail but we get to chat on line a least once a week so I still feel connected even more so because it is real time, kinda like a telephone call.  I can easily keep him totally up to date what is going on here at home.

This picture is from his birthday three years ago.  He is the one with the dark blue t-shirt in the middle.

I may get a chance to chat with him today, and I may not.  I never know.  But just in case I want him to know I am thinking of him so I am writing this post.

  1. May 28, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Now I know why you were baking last night…:)

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