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What does it mean to be “caught up”?

Messy Desk
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Today has been a really long day.  Could be because it started at 5:39 a.m.  Usually that is about the time most of my days start.  In spite of that I still end up at 8:30 pm feeling like I have not gotten everything accomplished I wanted to do or everything I thought I could have done.  I remember when life was simpler.  When I could leave the office “caught up” on my work.  I have no idea what that means now to be “caught up”.

I suppose it is good to always have something that I must do tomorrow.  It gives something to look forward to, at least most of the time.  Apparently this seems to be a common theme with families today.  We are so busy and we never “catch up”.  Not only with the to do list but with each other.

Darn shame that is the way it is suppose to be I guess.  We are suppose to allow our children to grow up and develop their own lives.  That is what we want for them right?  So they can get to the point to that they also feel like they will never be caught up.  Is that what we really want for them?

It’s crazy isn’t it?

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