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The Best Mothers Day Ever… Except….

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Except Youngest was not here but I was glad he called and the timing was perfect.

The twins came down for lunch and not only did Youngest get to talk to me but he also got to talk to his older brothers and step father.  The United States Government let him call on the tax payers time.  It is expensive getting phone cards to call.

It was a beautiful day.  Husband took me out for breakfast.  That was a wonderful treat.  Then I planted a few plants in the flower boxes.  Gardening is always therapeutic and makes me feel good.

Then the twins came down and Husband cooked hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill.  In the middle of the meal the phone rings.  It is a number I recognize as coming from overseas.  I hand it to Twin One to answer.  Youngest got to talk for about an hour to all of us it was awesome.

Today I packed up a couple care packages to send to Iraq.  He should get them before his 23rd birthday on May 28.

Now the focus of our calls is what is going to happen when he gets home.  He is focused and has dreams and plans and wants to take advantage of the G.I. Bill funds to go back to school and create a great life.

He has gotten pretty tight with the guys there.  They are part of the family too.  One of them recently was blessed with a new baby.  They all celebrated.

I have been keeping myself busy to help the time go by quickly.  I know it is just a matter of time and soon we will all be together again.

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