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D-Day Deployment Day

Today is the day my son leaves for Iraq.

I spent most of the morning NOT thinking about it but I have feel like I need to get a post out before the opportunity passes.

There is so much going on at the home front.  We are putting our house on the market and with any luck  (with lots of luck) it will be sold before he returns.

Depolyment March 2009

We did that the last time he was on tour; he came home to a different “home”.  It was a fun adventure.

The other two boys are moving out in a couple weeks.  We will be empty nesters again.  Kinda looking forward to it but it is easier to deal with the

Youngest being in Iraq when I am surrounded by the other two.  They are more than a slight distraction.

With the Twins moving out, I have more alone time, but the house will stay cleaner, and more in “ready to show” for the housing market.

Got a little side tracked I know, seems I have to stay sidetracked.  Being sidetracked means I get to enjoy the freedoms we have here but it doesn’t mean I have the luxury take those freedoms for granted.

These freedoms (there is a long list) that we enjoy are privileges not luxuries.  Privileges are given and in many cases earned but are not without responsibilities.  I am reminded of this the first thing in the morning and it is the last thing I think of every night, when I remember that my son is once again putting himself in harms way.

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