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Funny how life turns out, or maybe not so funny

View of Twentynine Palms
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I think I do pretty good dealing with my days while I know my son is in harms way.  Most of the time.  Though lately I have been having a hard time concentrating.  Stress does that.

Lots of people are dealing with stress in this economy so I’m not alone there.

In addition, I am dealing with my youngest child literally in harms way every day.  He is in 29 Palms right now.  This is still state side but he is blowing things up over there.  I’m not a dummy  I know this is just as dangerous training as real life can be.  I know you have heard of “friendly fire”.  It is not so “friendly”.  Youngest has told me a few stories from the last deployment.

I feel like my thoughts are all gummed up and stuck together. I am just trying to straighten out what is going on up there  so bare with me here.

When he was younger he was the sweetest thing.  Knew no stranger.  Only stopped talking when he was sleeping.  What a joy to be around.  Still when he walks in the room he lights up my world.  I’d love a little light right about now.  I want my son to come home.

I don’t mean to sound unpatriotic. Nor, am I a selfish person.  I love this country and I am proud to be an American.  I wonder how can one be a mom and send a blessing when ones son goes off to war?  How can you believe in a war and still be the mother of a hero?  My heart is really torn.

Lord knows I want good things to be done and I want the world to be a better place, but why my son?  I just want my son, he doesn’t have to be a hero. I ask, how many prayers does it take to bring them all home safely?  Is there enough?  I know we can’t stop praying.  Please pray.

I really want people to be able to live without fear and have opportunity to better themselves.  Everyone deserves that.  But when you tell me, Nannette, that is what your son is fighting for I ask why my son, what about my life or his life without fear and opportunity to better himself?  Do you understand what he is sacrificing?  I want to stand on the mountain tops and scream “Do you understand what sacrifice is?”

Why is it that we have to have blood shed to understand?  I don’t make a habit of using  the word hate.  I hate it that we take so much for granted.  I just hate it.

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  1. March 6, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    I think I understand how you feel Nannette. Knowing your loved ones are in harms way and not being able to do much about it has to be tough.

    When I was deployed my sisters and mother used to always cry when I talked to them on the phone because they were uncertain and what was going to happen.

    The fact that I was so confident and would joke about nothing was going to happen to me probably didn’t help either. I probably made them think, “Awe, he is not taking this seriously, he is going to get hurt.”

    You ask, “Why does there have to be bloodshed?” and

    “Why my son?”.

    I have pondered the first question many times in my own mind and have finally come to the following conclusion. We humans are competitive animals. We are also intelligent enough to understand that we can use communication to resolve differences but it doesn’t always work.

    Let’s say that you and another person are arguing about an issue and you both are so strong in your own opinion that you will not accept the other persons ideas and you believe without a doubt you are right. The only way to truly get your ideas into action is to kill the other person.

    It’s the last resort. There are many who are willing to just skip all the arguing and go straight to violence to get their point across. And killing, like anything else, gets easier and easier the more you do it.

    Also keep in mind, that there are many historical figures that had these great ideas about how all of us can live in harmony if we just could see it there way. Well, we have killed all most all of those people. They got assassinated. You and I didn’t do it but there was always someone out there that would not accept that idea.

    It would seem that our species is just not ready for that yet. Like George Carlin says, “We are just out of the jungle folks. Don’t let our high tech gadgets fool you,”

    To answer your second question, your son is there because he chose to be there. It is the opportunity cost he accepted when he signed the paper. He is saying that he is brave and is going to risk personal harm for the sake of our nation. He could become a hero, and when he does return home he will be labeled just that.

    I think the biggest problem with THIS war is that not everyone is convinced we should be there. We are risking the lives of our precious soldiers for a reason, in my opinion, that is not worth it. Can you really FORCE democracy on a nation? I doubt it.

    I doubt in WWII there was much feeling nation wide that we should not be there. That seemed to be a very necessary war. Not so much the same for this war.

    Anyhow, I don’t know if what I said here helps you or makes you feel worse. If so I am sorry, but I just felt like saying all this because it came to mind and I think it is pretty much the truth.

  2. March 8, 2009 at 12:42 am

    Ben I appreciate your thoughts. Different than mine but I am open to discussion that ads value as long as it is respectful.
    I love my country & I believe we could do good even in this war only because i can not bear to think differently. It may not be based on anything rational, but it makes it easier for me to live with what I have to live with.

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