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It’s another bad day

Just having a frustrating moment.  Okay maybe more than one and when you have this thing that hangs in the back of your head that your son has put himself in harms bad-dayway and the rest of the world is just going on like nothing is going on all kinds of feelings comes to the forefront during times like these.

It makes me want to pound on the top of the sky (if I could reach) and scream!  “Don’t you know my son is willing to die for you Americans!”  You are running around taking for granted your freedoms with little reverence.  Like I would really ever be satisfied with the amount or recognition or reverence ever shown because it could never equal the way fear has penetrated my heart.

It really isn’t you.

It’s me.

Just having a hard day.  It sucks.

Time for a good cry and I’ll be okay.

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