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Just Proud

sleeping marine
Image by brokersaunders via Flickr

I love this blog the most because it allows me to rave about my grown children shamelessly, and the boys can’t tell me not to embarrass them.

The oldest twin was discharged from the Marines with an honorable discharge this past summer.  He had some great plans to go back to school get his own place.  I had a feeling that was not going to work out exactly as he had envisioned.

I was right, so long story short he ended up moving back home to get his s*** together.

My husband & I told him when he first got home to go down to the unemployment commission and get a job at BWXT or something.  Jobs there pay $14-$30 an hour.  Well, he didn’t listen.  Surprise, surprise.

So in the meantime he finds a girlfriend.  I am not sure but I think girl friend has motivated him to go down to the VEC and talk to the veterans representative there.  Gosh, haven’t officially met girlfriend yet, seen her facebook, but so far I think I think I like her.

So inspite of some small crazy things going on in his life I am just proud of the oldest one for going down and talking to someone who told him the same thing that my husband and I told him months ago.

So he comes home excited about the opportunities available to him and the money he can make and where this can take him with his life.  He begins dreaming his dreams again.  I didn’t even say I told you so, I’m just proud.

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