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The Beginning of the Long Wait

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
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Before deployment for me there is a lot of quiet waiting time.  Youngest is busy preparing and training, deciding what he is taking to Camp Pendleton and what I get to store here at the house.

I absolutely cherish every second I share with him.  What a privilege to be the mom of such a fine example of a man.  I am really blessed.  I’ve always known that about him though.

As a mom I can’t help but remember when he was a baby, damn good looking kid and he was one that came up with the one liners that would crack you up when I was trying to punish him.  It was impossible to stay mad at him.

He was the kid that thought he could fly just because he put on a superman cape.  It resulted in a trip to the emergency room and stitches.  Falling down the basement steps was an art form and he perfected it.  Spent more time at the emergency with this one than the other two combined.

This is how I know he is going to do just fine in Iraq.  Why I’m not so worried.  He can handle anything that comes his way and come out smelling like a rose.

It is me I’m worried about. Right now during this quiet waiting time I have plenty to keep me busy.  I’m working long days meeting with lots of people and I have quite a few new projects going on.  Good stuff which I am passionate about.

But I am not feeling like putting up a Christmas Tree.  He won’t be spending Christmas with us.  I remember the last Christmas he was over seas I had to fake it for the rest of the family.  I would seek out a quiet place to cry so not to ruin the day for them.

Tomorrow my living room should get cleaned up as he’ll have the day to organize the pile of his stuff in there.  Determining what goes to California and what gets stored here.  When I feel out of control such as I do with life right now it helps when everything is in its rightful place in stead of scattered all over my living room floor.

Until then…

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